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The American Revolutionary War Essay

Within the hundreds of types of governments, the most common include. The American Revolution or also known as the U. The Revolution brought drastic changes to the lives of women. While the men were away at war, women would stay home, and take over the jobs men had before the war.

As time flew by, women started taking roles in the Revolutionary War, examples of roles. S History: D. War of Independence, for good reason. The American Revolution was an important turning point in that process as it marked the beginning of the end slavery in the northern states and, by contrast, its intensification in most of the southern states. When I think about how the Revolutionary War affected enslaved African Americans it was quite interesting.

After reading the testimony of one the ex slave right around the the time of the Revolutionary War still seemed harsh. Samuel Elliot was born into slavery and was a farmer. When many of. S War of Independence. The War itself only last a short eight years, it began in and ended in , but tensions had been building up for centuries between the Great Britain and the colonies at the given time period. The American Revolutionary War until was a war of independence between.

The Trail to The American Revolutionary War The roots of the American Revolution can be traced all the way back to the year when British leaders began to tighten imperial reins.

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At any given time, however, the American forces seldom numbered over 20,; in there were only about 29, insurgents under arms throughout the country. The war was therefore one fought by small field armies. Militias, poorly disciplined and with elected officers, were summoned for periods usually not exceeding three months. The terms of Continental Army service were only gradually increased from one to three years, and not even bounties and the offer of land kept the army up to strength.

The American Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 1)

By contrast, the British army was a reliable steady force of professionals. Since it numbered only about 42,, heavy recruiting programs were introduced. Many of the enlisted men were farm boys, as were most of the Americans. Others were unemployed persons from the urban slums. Still others joined the army to escape fines or imprisonment.

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The great majority became efficient soldiers as a result of sound training and ferocious discipline. The officers were drawn largely from the gentry and the aristocracy and obtained their commissions and promotions by purchase. Though they received no formal training, they were not so dependent on a book knowledge of military tactics as were many of the Americans. British generals, however, tended toward a lack of imagination and initiative , while those who demonstrated such qualities often were rash.

Because troops were few and conscription unknown, the British government, following a traditional policy, purchased about 30, troops from various German princes.

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The Lensgreve landgrave of Hesse furnished approximately three-fifths of that total. Few acts by the crown roused so much antagonism in America as that use of foreign mercenaries.

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  7. American historians are now attacking the legend that the leaders of the Revolution were supermen,fighting a ruthlesstyranny embodiedin the personof GeorgeIII. That movementis examinedin the calm spirit of scientificresearch. One result is that the fairest writers are sometimeschargedwith disloyalty to the sacredinstitutionsof liberty. State legislatureand sdhool boardshavereceivedrather frantic appeals to suppress,in the teachingof history in the schools,any statements which may tend to lessenthe glory of the foundersof the republic. The subject is too weighty, its significancetoo great, and its place in the history of human progresstoo vital for it to becomemerely the handmaid of controversy or the fetich of a misdirectednational patriotism A nation's attitude towards its own history is like a window into its own souland the menand womenof such a nation cannotbe expectedto meet the great obligationsof the present,if they refuseto exhibithonesty,charity, openmindedness The book has four chapters describing the conditions in which the British colonieswere founded; the estimate in England of the use of colonies;the conflict in outlook involved in the growth of importance and political thought in the colonies;and, in conclusion, some"General Reflections" on the whole problem.

    The English colonieswere founded by private effortswhen there was nothingwhich couldbe calledcolonial policy.

    Causes of the American Revolution Essay - Words | Cram

    Hence the Navigation Acts, regulating their external trade, and other measures,economicin character. For a long time there was little interferencein their internal affairs. The growth of the centralizing power of France, under Louis XIV, tended, no doubt, to create the desire for something like it in the English colonialsystem. Hence the attempts at a coercivecontrol under James II.

    By all but three or four colonieshad governors sent out from England with some real measureof authority.