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You'll also want to explore testimonials, expert opinion, or even a personal encounter if it's relatable. If you can, gather personal statements about the subject. In the case of the two painters, see what type of commentary you can gather from them to support their similarities and differences. Cite statistics about the neighborhoods they grew up in if you're going to focus on their upbringing and background.

This way, it's not just your personal perceptions but factual evidence. With all these tools in your arsenal, it's time to write. Your introductory paragraph is going to introduce the two subjects to the readers.

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Offer a short tidbit about each subject, noting why you've chosen to compare and contrast the two. Then, close this opening paragraph with your thesis statement. That's a sentence or two summarizing what's to come in the essay. Next, you'll move on to the body of the essay. This will be approximately four or more paragraphs focusing on key similarities and key differences, allowing for one paragraph for each point made. Alternatively, you may choose to focus subject by subject.

Again, see what's most comfortable for you. Then, it's time to bring it all home in the conclusion paragraph. Briefly summarize the similarities and differences by reiterating your thesis statement in different terms. A nice way to close out any kind of essay is to propose a rhetorical question or cite some sort of call to action. Ask the readers what the art world would look like without the influence of these two painters or invite them to study the painters' work in finer detail. With compare and contrast essays, it's easy to take a unique spin to an otherwise basic subject.

Just remember the golden rule for these types of essays. They must be of the same category. With that in mind, let's see if any of these topic ideas get your own wheels turning. Compare and contrast essays are wonderful fodder for the fire. You might conclude that music is more personal than poetry but your best friend, a Literature major, might disagree wholeheartedly.

In which case, prepare to write your finest argumentative essay! There's no right and wrong in compare and contrast essays, in this way. All that's required is solid evidence to support your claim.

So, cite those stats and quote those expert opinions. Then, sit back and watch the conversation unfold.


How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay Guide | healthsytibca.tk

By continuing, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Please set a username for yourself. People will see it as Author Name with your public flash cards. Select Your Subjects The first step is to choose two topics worth a spotlight of similarities and differences. Make Two Lists An outline is par for the course when drafting an essay. Highlight Important Similarities and Differences A nice, long list is helpful because you can never know too much about your subject. Craft an Outline Depending on length requirements, most basic school essays have an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Gather Supporting Evidence As soon as you decide on a topic for an essay, it's wise to do a cursory online search to make sure your topic has been covered enough by other scholars. Write Away With all these tools in your arsenal, it's time to write. Compare and Contrast Topic Ideas With compare and contrast essays, it's easy to take a unique spin to an otherwise basic subject. American English vs. British English: What's the Difference? Android vs. Border Collies vs. Coffee vs. Tea: Which One Is Healthier? PC vs. Mac: Which Computer Lasts Longer? The Bible vs.

Spark a Great Debate Compare and contrast essays are wonderful fodder for the fire. Discuss the similarities and differences, add personal thoughts on the topic, and support whatever you say with the credible evidence, statistics, facts, words of field experts. To improve the general flow and readability, use transitions between various parts of the text. A writer has the introduction and body paragraphs, and it is time to develop an impressive conclusion. It may be the simplest part, but it is hard to impress the audience by poor ability to conclude. Include the offered components:.

Speaking of the outline, a couple of ways and tips exist to outline such type of academic assignment :.

What Exactly Is a Compare and Contrast Essay?

The formula is simple: reveal the ideas associated with subject A and subject B and alternates between them depending on the argument being offered. No matter whether the subjects have more or less in common, the alternating method states the writer should share valuable information about every subject and corresponding point. It results in a more opinion-provoking and analytical research project. This one means a writer must cover points for topic A and each point for B after that.

Another subject must be connected with the initial one and provide clear reference stressing the way they are similar or various. Another important question is how to choose the right essay topic.

The Structure of Good Compare and Contrast Essays

The process starts with brainstorming and deep research to find a broad array of things that the topics have in common and traits of difference. Ask several questions to determine whether the chosen topic suits you: Is the chosen topic related to the field of study? What matters to the offered argument?

Is there anything informative and interesting about it to make a proper comparison? We have covered all the important tips to master this type of writing. Do you need a cool compare and contrast essay example?

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

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