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Such groups include: Racial, ethnic, and nation groups. For example: African Americans, Hispanics, or Italians. Political groups. For example: Democrats and Republicans. Social groups. Athletic groups. For example: Yankees or Marlins. Identify when to capitalize directions. The cardinal directions and intercardinal directions like southwest, northwest, etc. This is because the directions are not specific and unique enough and are used fairly commonly in ordinary language and writing. Differentiate between using a cardinal direction and the name of a region. If you mean to name the region, then capitalize.

Make sure to be deliberate in your use. Use lowercase for job titles. In most cases, job titles should not be capitalized. This is because those titles are not specific and unique enough to merit capitalization. Capitalize seasons only in certain situations. The seasons of the year should not normally be capitalized. This is because they do not indicate something unique and specific enough to warrant capitalization. However, there are some exceptions to this rule.

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Capitalize seasons when the season is attached to a specific event or title for example: Spring Beer Fest. Capitalize seasons when they refer to something more than just the season. Make sure that capitalization of a season is paired with something more specific. Learn how to capitalize animal breeds and plant species. Capitalizing animal breeds and plant species can be pretty tricky.

This is because breed and species names combine a variety of languages and bring in otherwise complicated issues. Because of this, be very aware when you are writing breed names or plant species. Consider: Words that make up plant species are usually lowercase, such as "live oak" or "magnolia tree. For example, "Darwin's fox" or "Labrador retriever. The second part, which is the species name, is never capitalized for example, "Canis lupus," the gray wolf. If there is a third part that further specifies, like with "Canis lupus familiaris," the domestic dog it should not be capitalized.

How should I write the following: Margherita cheese pizza or margherita cheese pizza? Margherita is a type of pizza derived from a proper name, so it should be capitalized. It would also be capitalized If it were considered a brand name. Yes No. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 3. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2. Should I always capitalize the name of a month?

Cuba After Communism | Foreign Affairs

For example, should it be "A new series starts in August" or "A new series starts in august"? Always capitalize specific months. August, September, October, etc. When using a phrase as the theme name of an event, do you capitalize every word? If you mean you thought the "proper" and "common" were capitalized, no, they are not.

Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. When referencing my agency in a policy manual and the term "department" is used, should the "d" be capitalized?

When referring to the department by name, capitalizing is appropriate. On the other hand, if gender-inclusive language makes what you are saying incorrect, do not use it. If talking about the right to vote in the nineteenth century, the same principle holds, as women could not then vote. When you first discuss an author or historical figure, use first and last name.

After this, you are free to use last name only. Do not, however, refer to historical figures by their first name; e. This rule applies for women as well as men. Stick to the past tense as much as possible. Do not write about long-past events and long-dead people in the present tense. Think carefully when you use the passive voice in favor of the active voice. Bell , because Luther and Bell were acting rather than being acted upon. Still, people are acted upon as well as act, and events are caused as well as happen on their own accord.

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When you are attempting to express this, by all means use the passive voice e. Write out numerals except dates under i. When a century is used as an adjective — that is, as a phrase that describes a noun i. When a specific century is used as a noun i. You also must hyphenate other pairs of words when using them as adjectives. When it is used as an adjective African-American men are often stopped without cause by the police there is a hyphen.

When pairs of words act like nouns, they are not hyphenated; when they act like adjectives, they are. Adjectives make for interesting writing, but they should be used sparingly.

Review: African Americans, Culture and Communism

In most cases, it is wise to avoid using the same word twice in a single sentence or many times in a single paragraph. Nonetheless, some ideas, institutions, and activities have highly technical meanings, and synonyms cannot be found for them. You need to think carefully about the meaning of the words you use. Avoid using anachronistic terms. Make sure that single nouns match single pronouns and verbs, and that plural nouns match plural pronouns and verbs. It allowed them to work with black men.

Make sure that the antecedents of your pronouns i. The author is trying to say that masters were not concerned with the spiritual conversions of their slaves. This makes the sentence factually incorrect, since slaves were very interested in their own spiritual lives. It is better to be more specific: i.

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Quoted material needs to be introduced. You cannot simply throw in a quotation without introducing it in a way that allows your reader to see what it is doing there i. Indent and single-space long quotations generally anything more than three lines. When you have indented a quotation, do not use quotation marks. The indentation, itself, marks this as a quotation. Check all quotations carefully against the text. The price of using someone else's words to prove your point is quoting them accurately!

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The second sentence does not take a comma, because the last clause cannot stand on its own as a sentence. All punctuation marks go inside quotation marks.

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  7. There is a difference between a hyphen - and an em dash —. A hyphen joins two words, usually those in an adjectival phrase. An em dash represents a break in thought or a pause for emphasis; it is usually typed as two hyphens. Titles such as "king," "bishop," "senator," and "prime minister," when attached to a personal name, should be capitalized e. They should not, however, be capitalized if they are used as nouns unattached to personal names e. Your papers are written in English, not German.

    Unlike German, English does not capitalize nouns as a matter of course. Highway 1, U. However, lowercase black, white. Political Parties : Capitalize the name of a political party and the word "party. Fred's parents were staunch Republicans; at their urging he joined the Party. Proper nouns : Capitalize them except when they are used alone later in the paragraph.

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    Later, our family joined us at the river. Satan : Capitalize Satan, but lowercase "devil" and "satanic. Titles : Capitalize titles, including academic rank and honorific titles, when used before a name. Lowercase titles used after a name, alone or in constructions that set them off from a name by commas.

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