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Choose the one, which makes you write from the heart and the soul. Teachers attach a huge importance to these linking words.

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You already spend time writing about happiness, why not use them? It is easier to link the sentences in the text and to make it look harmonious and easy to read or understand. My friendly advice: do not try to jump over the word volume, that is required in your state of happiness task.

40 Things That Will Make You Smile

I faced the fact that I was not able to follow the required number of words for my happiness paper. I did not pay any attention to it. However, many people have ideas to write as many words as possible. Listen to the advice. If you have the required size of the text in your assignment, follow it. Do less, but let it be of high quality.

What Makes Me Happy Essay Sample

Now I lay out everything for you on how to manage to write essays on happiness. Here are the material, or so-called points, that you must follow to write a good essay, that works today:. Just as I promised, I prepared for you a simple sample of an essay about happiness in the world in the end. Here it is.

What Make Me Happy

You can read other texts that were written by writers on topics like this and the others. Scroll down to read mine. What is happiness in our world? To love, to have a purpose to achieve, to breathe, to have a job and material prosperity, to be free, to live?

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Everyone has their own one, no matter what others say. A sense of falling in love is what makes me happy. Remember how you felt. When there is such person out of 7 billion people of the world population, which makes your daily mood off of the negative, that is incredible.


One thought about that person can cheer you up and make you smile at all friends and every single flower on the street. But in cases that I would feel down, I try to think of the people who makes me happy, the people I consider as my friends, because most of them are in a funny situation like having a crush on someone but they are trying really hard denying it, that they end up being very defensive and it becomes really obvious.

Seeing small kids and babies, also makes me smile, mainly because some children are afraid of there people so being able to play with them is such a great opportunity. Compliments are the number one thing that can make me smile. They make me feel good about myself, and reassure me on something I think is wrong about me.

Opinions are very professional or from somebody whose opinion matters to me. I smile Just by thinking about all the wonderful things I have accomplished. I become very proud of myself. My confidence shows in my smile and it helps me boost my confidence to meet and befriend other people.

Your smile might totally change the outcome of an unpleasant situation.

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  6. Essay Preview: What Make Me Happy?
  7. This way, if we smile we would save lives in the simplest manner. In this case, we should always smile even for the little things and let the world wonder why. Home Papers What makes you smile. Happiness is when you feel complete and is related to positivity. Anything that is good is happiness. If it is in any way, shape or form related to being positive it is happiness.

    Tufts Submission: What Makes Me Happy?

    Sadness is anything that is negative or that is bad in any way, shape or form. To put it this way, happiness is positivity, sadness is negativity. I Believe Happy mind, happy life is a saying to live by. Once you push the negative out of your life and think positive and happy, life will be so much better for yourself and others around you. I believe once you have a happy mind, you have a happy life.

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    5. At the end of my sophomore year, I was stressing about every little thing you could think of to stress about. Summer was right around the corner, finals were starting, softball was starting, I was trying to manage a job that I so badly wanted…. When you think of a happy life, you imagine that happiness has an unalterable effect. You may vision yourself with the perfect job, the faultless children, the gratifying husband or wife, the unblemished level of income, big house, and expensive car.

      You believe that all of these things will make you happy. However, this particular view is oblique. Material things cannot make us happy.

      What Makes Me Happy

      These are three causes that…. How does that make you feel?

      get link Happy right? Essentially people think about different objects or activities that make each of them happy. Being happy is a state that everyone of us want to be in but no one really knows what makes people genuinely happy. I like to believe that to be truly happy being around family and friends, living with a set of mind to achieve….

      You are driven every morning waking up to do some work, but without some hobbies to cool you down, you can really just break. My goal of this paper is to provide you with evidence that happiness for us humans is a must. Humans wake up every day, some really happy, some really sad. The ones that wake up happy are probably looking forward for something that would make them happy, but even if you wake up sad, you will strive to look for something you really….

      Love, Laughter, Pride, and etc all play a part in the happiness that we all strive to achieve.